Katherine Tait Physiotherapy, Tableview, Cape Town

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Medical Pilates

Our physiotherapists trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. APPI pilates is specifically designed for patients with injuries and pain and focuses on the issues of the individual patient. The aim is to improve the core and therefore, aid recovery/ reduce pain.  For more information on APPI click here.

Once our patients are well enough to join a pilates class we refer them to Back to Basics Pilates  for further training or classes. Click here for their website. Some of our patients just require an assessment and we can refer straight into a class. We work closely with Back to Basics instructors to ensure they have the relevant information so that patients get the best results from their classes.

What is pilates?

Pilates is a controlled form of exercise which focuses on the core muscles that support your abdomen and spine. When your core is stronger, the rest of your body is stronger. Meaning that you are less likely to injure yourself and able to recover quicker.  We also focus on dissociation which means that you strengthen specific muscles for the jobs they are supposed to do and can move the different parts of your body separately and together- this limits compensations and therefore, further injury.